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Keyword: IC carrier PCB, high-precision HDI, interconnected HDI, HDI soft and hard combination


Application range


Mobile phone, communication, POS Tablet, car, medical, aviation
Office equipment, industrial control, etc.


Technical Skills


Minimum PCB thickness (12-layer HDI): 0.7mm
Minimum hole ring: 0.06mm
Welding tolerance: +-0.02
Base copper 1/4 oz: 0.03/0.03mm




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Solve 15 years of experience in PCB design
Solve your PCB time and accuracy
180-person R&D team
Solve your delivery and quality issues
Production: 2,300 people, 77,200 square meters
Sample delivery 8-10 days on time delivery
Hard board: 1.5 million Sqft / month (HDI 600,000 Sqft / month + ordinary board 900,000 Sqft / month)
Soft PCB and soft&hard PCB: 260,000 Sqft / month


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About Safe De

About Safe De

Shenzhen Safe De Technology Co., Ltd. is the representative of technological innovation for PCB factory. The products are widely used in communication, power supply, security, optoelectronics, industrial control, medical, automotive and consumer electronics. The Jiangxi base is mainly engaged in the production of IC carrier boards, multi-layer multi-level HDI, any interconnected HDI, multi-layer through-hole......



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Flexible printed circuit board defect detection method guide
Flexible printed circuit board defect detection method guide
20 common problems in PCB circuit board printing
In the screen printing process of the board, it can be divided into 9 parts and 56 variables, which requires everyone to have the correct operating procedures or the following phenomenon.No matter how the screen is pulled, it can't be evenly stretched, or it often bursts.
There is a problem with the printed circuit board. How do you diagnose it?
There is a problem with the printed circuit board. How do you diagnose it?
Reaction principle of making printed circuit boards by etching
Although iron is more active than copper, it can replace metallic copper from copper sulfate solution, and it produces ferrous sulfate itself. However, ferric iron has stronger oxidation than divalent copper, so metallic copper can react with ferric iron. The printed circuit board is provided with a thin layer of copper plate on one side of the composite material board. When the circuit is printed, the circuit part is printed on the side of the copper plate with anti-corrosion paint, and is placed in the ferric chloride solution without copper printed on the coating. It is eroded and only the circuit part is left.